TRIB airCap HR - Digital Pressure Gauge

The TRIB airCap is a solar-powered, high-accuracy pressure gauge which attaches directly to your inflatable valve. It measures up to 20 psi, making it ideal for your FLATED Air-Topper and other inflatable crafts including rafts, IKs, SUPs and RIBs The airCap HR features an optional beeper that is triggered when pressure has reached unsafe levels.

We suggest this product to people living in hot climates where temperatures can fluctuate quickly. It is an easy way to make sure your Air-Topper stays between the suggested 5-8 PSI. 

  • Efficient, solar-powered, battery free, long-life operation
  • Performs in low-light at dusk, dawn and by headlamp
  • High-visibility, easy-to-read LCD displays pressure to one hundredth of a psi
  • Make-before-break seal prevents air escape during installation


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