Can I drive on the highway with it?

Absolutely! Tested extensively on highways up to 80MPH.

Can I install it myself?

You sure can. Our products require no tools and are designed for fast installation so you can focus on the adventure and less on the set up. Here's a helpful video for yourAir-Topper installation andAir-Carrier!

How long does it take to inflate?

Anywhere from 10 minutes with an effortlessElectric Pump, or about 20 with the included hand pump. Maybe 40 if you get distracted. A great hack from out tipjar,if you have a shop vac is to plug the hose into the exaust port of the shop vac and use it to fill most of the way. To accomplish this you have to push the valve stem down and turn clockwise to keep the valve open, inflate with shop vac hose by putting it over the valve and holding firmly. Once you get it mostly full of air quickly remove the hose and rotate the valve stem counter clockwise to close. Finally, connect the hand or electric pump hose and inflate to the recomended psi.

Will it pop?

While anything inflatable can be punctured by sharp objects, your FLATED product probably won’t pop. We are using military grade PVC Drop Stitch materials that have been used for decades for whitewater rafts, inflatable SUP’s and emergency devices. Its built to take a dramatic beating, just keep it away from knives and don't let anyone use it for target practice.

If it does get punctured, all FLATED products include a simple patch kit!

How do I know what size do I need?

Air-Carriers fit pretty much any 4 door vehicle with a roof.

Air-Toppers aresized by their bed length and width. PLEASE measure your vehicle and check the size chart on the product page. If you have any questions email your bed measurements to

Air-Decks are sized by width and all are 6' long so make sure and check the width of your vehicle. Check the product dims here.

What is the warranty?

All FLATED products are covered by a one year, unlimited miles warranty. If anything fails on your product that is due to a manufacturer defect we will gladly replace your product with a new one. More information here.

How does the pressure hold in a range of temperatures? 

FLATED products have been tested and used in a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Air pressure is NOT greatly reduced when cold or warm however checking the PSI to maintain optimal pressure is recommended when changing 20°. You may need to add or release a small amount of air when temperatures initially change. If left stagnant and in direct sunlight and becomes hot to the touch, check the PSI.

How much weight can it handle? 

Do not exceed 100lbs of evenly distributed weight on the Air-Topper. Also be sure to never attempt to transport any abrasive materials on the roof of the Air-Topper.

Does it lock?

We do not provide a lock. Store your valuables inside your vehicle.

Is the Air-topper waterproof? 

While we would love to say its 100% totally dry, it’s not. No topper really is but FLATED toppers come pretty dang close. The topper itself - windows, zippers, are very, very, very water tight.

Can the Air-topper be used with a tonneau cover?

Possibly but unlikely they work at the same time. The Airtopper requires full access to the trucks bed rails as well as the bulkhead wall rail closest to the cab.

What comes with my products?

All FLATED products include a carrying bag, hand pump, repair kit and instructions. Each individual product will include all necessary straps to secure the FLATED product properly.Roof top pads are NOT included with the air carrier and can be purchased separately.

How do I maintain my FLATED product? 

For best performance we recommend products get treated frequently with 303 UV protectant. Spray liberally and wipe down when installed on your vehicle. Do the same when putting away in storage for extended life of your product.

Use zipper lube and cleaner, especially if you’re offroading in dry, dusty climate.

We advise against bringing your FLATED product through an automatic carwash.

Can I work with FLATED? 

We are always looking fordealers,pro staff andaffiliatesto work with! Interested in something else? Shoot us an email 

Can I use the Flated products as a raft?

No! FLATED products are not designed or intended to be used as floatation devices. Any such use or abuse will void the warranty of your product. Using as such would be considered unsafe. And be sure to tag us @getflated if you do!

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