FLATED Air-Topper CAP vs Mid-Rise

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The FLATED Air-Topper CAP and the Air-Topper Mid-Rise (MR), offer distinct advantages tailored to different preferences and needs. Let's delve into a comparison between the two:



Looking for the perfect truck bed cover but unsure which one fits your lifestyle? Let's compare the Air-Topper CAP and the Air-Topper Mid-Rise from Flated to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Height:
Air-Topper CAP: Sleek and aerodynamic with a cab-high profile, perfect for those who love a streamlined look. Its lower height makes it garage-friendly.
Air-Topper Mid-Rise: Offers a taller roofline, providing extra headroom for camping adventures. Great for those who prioritize space.

Functionality and Protection:
Air-Topper CAP: Keeps your gear safe from the elements and prying eyes while enhancing aerodynamics on the road.
Air-Topper Mid-Rise: Similar protection features as the CAP but with added interior space for comfort during camping trips.

Both models offer windows, screens, a removable bulkhead window, rooftop tie-down locations, and a rain skirt for versatility and functionality.

Weight and Payload Capacity:
Air-Topper CAP: Lighter construction thanks to dual-chambered design, offering improved fuel efficiency and increased payload capacity.
Air-Topper Mid-Rise: Likely maintains standard weight, which might slightly affect payload capacity compared to the CAP.

Both models are available for specific truck bed sizes and cater to various truck models, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle.

In summary;

The Air-Topper CAP is all about sleekness, aerodynamics, and reduced weight, perfect for those who want to enhance fuel efficiency and payload capacity. Meanwhile, the Air-Topper Mid-Rise focuses on providing ample headroom for camping enthusiasts while offering similar protective features. Whether you prioritize style, functionality, or space, Flated has you covered with options tailored to your needs.

(check the dimensions on each FLATED product page for your specific model).

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