Cool new products for Truck Bed Camping!

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 We've met and been introduced to a handful of new companies with amazing products for truck bed camping. 

As a startup we understand how much work it takes to get a new company off the ground. It requires an insane amount of work, resiliency, and capital.

We have met some great entrepreneurs this year while traveling to events, through social media and referrals from friends. We often get on calls to discuss strategy and try to support each other. We wanted to write this blog to highlight the products these founders have invented.

1. Trail Fire Grills

Mark the founder of Trail Fire found us when he was searching for bed options for his expo trailer, and we were serendipitously looking for cooking solution to use at our events, tailgates and more. After one week of using the Trail fire grill, we can honestly say it will be going everywhere with us. Its small and easy to use, comes with a nice carry bag, a wok, pizza stone, and traditional grilling grate.

So far, our favorite feature is its ability to cook pizzas in the backcountry. We cheated and bought frozen premade pizzas but was something we had never had while camping. We are also really looking forward to making cookies on it in the ski area parking lot this winter.

2. WildLand Coffe co

Have you ever had coffee that’s brewed in a tea bag? As full coffee snobs, we were honestly hesitant when we met Zach the founder of Wildland, but once he brewed us a fresh cup of his coffee I was completely converted. While I still brew coffee at home in a traditional coffee maker, I now travel with Wildland coffee bags everywhere I go.

For truck camping it makes 100% sense as you can simply boil water in your jet boil, or on your Trail Fire grill, then drop a Wildland coffee bag into you mug and let it steep.

Zach is a true Entrepreneur running this company all by himself and left a career in tech sales to focus 100% on Wildland. I suggest you give it a try and support his business.

3. Ignik gas Growler

Did you know that millions of single use green propane gas cans end up in landfills every year? The IGNIK Gas Growler is essentially the same size as a beer growler and holds plenty of propane for multi-day camping trips.

This is a perfect product to be used with our inflatable products because it comes with a bag to protect it, and keep any sharp edges away from the FLATED drop-stitch fabric. It’s also small enough fit under our Air-Deck.

We will be using this as our gas source on overlanding trips, Tailgate parties, and more.

4. RUX 70L

We met the RUX team at an event in NYC last spring. Their innovative collapsable storage totes can haul a lot of gear, have super easy access, fit inside the FLATED Air-Carrier, and just like our products they don't take up much space when not in use. 

Based out of B.C Canada, you can tell their products were designed by true outdoor gear heads. We know they would work well for overland adventures, truck camping, car camping, and general road-trip travel. 


We met Russ the founder of Daylodge at Overland West in Bend, Oregon. Both having innovative inflatable inventions, we immediately hit it off. Russ took kiteboarding technology and repurposed it to make a super lightweight and easy to use awning that can be attached to almost any vehicle.

The awning attaches to the tie-down points on our FLATED Air-Toppers. The Overland West event was brutally hot this year, and his awning created some well needed shade for our booth. Will be in our quiver of truck camping gear for next summer.

6. Dark Energy POSEIDON PRO Power bank

The reality of modern camping is the fact that you will have devices that need to be charged. Whether it's your phone, GPS, Camera, Headlamp, or even laptop, you will eventually find yourself needing a power bank. The Poseidon pro is so clearly the most over built charging device we have ever seen. It's fully submersible waterproofed, has a built-in flashlight and comes with a bunch of tactical accessories. Their carabiner pro is ultra-handy with a built-in knife.

In the past I bought cheap battery packs at airports when my phone was dying, and they all only seemed to work for a handful of uses. You will not have that issue with the Poseidon Pro. Just head to their site and read the reviews.

7. OTIS Eyewear

It's the worst feeling in the world when you drop your new sunglasses and can immediately see a large scratch on the lens. OTIS uses Naturally Sourced, Eco-Friendly, Distortion-Free and Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass Lenses. They have stylish frames for men and women and have a more urban sophisticated style than most of the "sports" sunglass companies.

Originally founded over 20 years ago in Australia with pure salt and sunshine in their DNA.


While Yeti is clearly out of start-up phase, we always look up to them for their incredible product quality and overall brand strategy. Every YETI product I own still works as though it was brand new.

The new line of Panga waterproof duffel bags is ultra-impressing. These super rugged bags can be used in the most extreme conditions, but also as your carry-on bag for airline travel. They are the perfect size to fit underneath our FLATED Air-Decks.

9. Total Composites customizable truck campers

If you’re looking to build out a serious earth roaming machine that you can nearly live out of, look at what Total Composites has to offer. They offer an empty composite slide in shell that can be fully customized and built out how you want it. On a budget? Well, you can take your time and add features as you go. These ultra-rugged shells are hand made in B.C Canada, and they have models to fit almost any type of truck or overland vehicle.

This is the perfect solution for someone with DIY skills and people that have specific needs for their build-out. Check out their website to see some of the crazy rigs they have out roaming the world truck camping in the most remote places on the planet.

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