This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.



  • It is critical that all FLATED products are properly installed and attached per the guidelines provided in the user manual. Thoroughly read and understand the instructions, cautions and tips provided with your FLATED product prior to installing or using. You are responsible for the correct and safe use of your product(s). In any instance of mis-understanding or inability to complete the required installation steps with accuracy, you should hire a professional installer to execute.   
  • Users must understand and take all necessary precautions in an effort to prevent misuse, accidents and/or damage. Always check all attachments to ensure secure installation prior to use. Regular inspection should occur for wear, damage or adjustment needs. Improper attachment and/or installation may result in serious bodily injury or death to you, your pet or others.
  • Always use recommended and supplied parts when installing products. Using alternative pieces or solutions may result in unsafe installation and potential accidents.
  • FLATED maximum load specifications must be acknowledged as a starting point. Your vehicle may have varying weight capacity, at the advisement of the manufacturer, that needs to be taken into consideration. Your maximum load weight should not exceed the weight of the product + all installation accessories + items stored in/on the product.
  • When installing the FLATED products to the roof of your vehicle, all doors and windows should be open.  
  • All FLATED products should have windows, flaps, straps, locks, zippers and Velcro fastened tightly and checked before each trip and at any stops. Straps, cam locks, d-rings, zippers and Velcro should be checked regularly for any signs of wear, corrosion, deterioration, etc.
  • For FLATED products installed on the exterior, make sure to be aware of the vehicle height, including the product. Special considerations should be taken when driving through or into garages, bridges, low hanging foliage, etc.. Remove exterior products when not in use or before entering a car wash.
  • Exterior products may cause a change in your vehicle’s driving behavior such as increased wind resistance and reduced fuel efficiency. Take extra precautions when driving in intensified weather conditions. Always follow local speed limits and road cautions, adjusting as necessary to consider your cargo.  
  • Any locking of exterior storage products is meant to hinder theft. FLATED products are not theft-proof and valuables should be removed when unattended.
  • Temperature may affect sensitive items stored within your product. Therefore, attention to high or low weather fluctuations are necessary to help protect your belongings and pets.
  • Use of FLATED products for any purpose other than those for which they were designed is prohibited. Failure to follow installation or use guidelines will cause the warranty to void.
  • NEVER place an infant under 15 months of age on or in any FLATED product due to risk of suffocation. Entrapment may occur between vertical spaces and supervision should be maintained at all times when a child is in the vicinity of products.
  • ALWAYS keep products fully inflated to suggested PSI whenever in use.
  • DO NOT over inflate past suggested PSI due to the risk of explosion and bodily injury or death. This risk must be particularly taken into consideration when using electronic or battery powered inflation pumps.
  • NEVER use as a personal flotation or life saving device. Products are not intended to be used in water. 
  • DO NOT stand or jump on your FLATED product.
  • KEEP product away from fire and extreme heat.
  • NEVER use flammable substances (such as aerosol tire repair products) to inflate your product due to explosion or ignition risk.
  • DO NOT use chemicals on your product. Mild soap and water should be used when cleaning.
  • ALWAYS be mindful of what is stored in your product with your pet. Leashes, collars, toys and other items should be removed to prevent snagging, strangulation or choking. Pet-specific beds should be used in lieu of blankets.
  • DO NOT leave your pet in your FLATED product for extended periods of time. Generally, no longer than they can hold their bowels.


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