Toyota Tundra Air-Topper Fit Photos

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Photos of the Full-Size Short Bed Air-Topper on customer trucks. 

Mark Brenner has this awesome new 2022 Tundra sr5 Short Bed. This truck is a looker for sure, and he has made more upgrades on this build. Take a look at his video of the truck below. 


Mark Brenners Toyota Tundra with the FLATED Air-Topper (Full Size Short Bed)

This White 2021 Toyota Turned SR-5 is owned by real estate agent Mark McQuirk in Missoula, Montana. He informed us that he got if for "Weekend Trips to Flathead Lake. Now we can put all groceries in gear in the bed of the truck, and the dogs get the backseat." 

Toyota Tundra with inflatable Air-topper
More Photos to come! 

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