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Follow FLATED's co-founder Ken Hoeve on his exhilarating experiences at the GoPro Mountain Games (that took place a few weeks ago), where he participated in various water sports including kayak races, team paddling, and much more. Highlighting the thrill and challenges of these competitions, Hoeve also recounted a particularly wild adventure with his longtime friend and fellow athlete, Chuck Patterson. Their escapades encapsulated the spirit of the Games, showcasing a blend of intense competition and camaraderie among athletes, all set against the stunning backdrop of nature’s playground. Through these activities, Hoeve conveyed the essence of outdoor adventure and the strong bonds formed through shared experiences in water sports.



In this "Road Trip!" series (new episodes every other week, or so), you'll see:

Air-Topper CAP: The world's first inflatable truck bed cover, providing the best truck bed topper experience with easy installation and removal.

Air-Carrier: An inflatable rooftop cargo carrier that maximizes your car top storage, ensuring you have enough space for all your gear.

Air-Deck: An inflatable raised platform that creates a comfortable sleeping area with additional storage underneath, ideal for camping trips.

Air-Storage: a cutting-edge inflatable cargo box designed to accommodate both wet and dry goods. Featuring three detachable separator shelves, this versatile storage solution keeps your gear neatly organized. With its innovative design, the Air-Storage can effortlessly transform into the ultimate hanging cabinet.

Air-Exec: the latest in inflatable furniture innovation. This set includes four exceptionally comfortable chairs, each equipped with "Fun-Sway" technology, alongside a spacious table designed to host all four chairs. Effortlessly deflatable and packable, this inflatable furniture set is perfect for your upcoming outdoor adventure.

Ken's journey through Colorado showcases the versatility and convenience of FLATED's products, making them perfect for any adventure. Whether you're heading out for a fishing trip, setting up camp in the great outdoors, or exploring new terrains, FLATED has the innovative solutions you need.

Based in the surf hub of Carlsbad, California, and with a customer service office and R&D center in Missoula, Montana, FLATED continues to innovate, providing solutions for those who love to adventure more easily and more often.

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