Electric Air-Pump

Plug it into your DC outlet, set the desired PSI, and let it do all work!

Air-Pump Description

The FLATED® Electric Air-Pump makes it effortless to get your inflatable products to your desired PSI. Keeping in mind the serial adventurist, the Air-Pump uses a dual cooling system aiding in extending the service life of the pump and will inflate everything from your FLATED® product to stand up paddleboards and other inflatable products on the market. The Air-Pump features are:

  • Preset function for desired persice PSI
  • Staged Inflation
  • Automatic Shut off
  • LCD Digital Screen display
  • Dual Cooling System
  • Multiple Hose adapters to fit a variety of valves and inflatable products
  • Pressure option up to 20 PSI (FLATED® products are reccomended from 5 to 8 PSI)
  • 13 ft Power Cord
  • 12V DC plug into your vehicle's utility outlet


The Electric Air-Pump utilizes staged inflation. The first stage, rapid inflation, leads to an automatic high pressure switch once reaching 1 PSI. Dust covers at the inflation and deflation ports prevent foreign matter from entering the pump and effectively extending its lifetime. In addition, it's portable and easy to operate for a hands-free, energy-saving experience. We've extended the power cord to 13 feet, and the 12V DC plug works with your vehicle's utility outlet. With the FLATED® Electric Air-Pump in tow, you can make your travel dreams a reality without the need to hand-pump anything.



AIr-Pump Dimensions

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