Ken's Full Florida Recap

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In April, Ken Hoeve embarked on a thrilling road trip to Florida, traversing 12 states in his quest for sunshine and top-notch fishing adventures. Armed with his FLATED essentials, Ken meticulously prepared for the journey, ensuring he had everything needed for a smooth and enjoyable experience. The FLATED truck topper played a crucial role in his trip, keeping his fishing equipment safe and dry from unpredictable weather. Its robust design offered peace of mind as he journeyed through varying climates and terrains, knowing his gear was well-protected.

Beyond just storage, the FLATED truck topper transformed Ken's vehicle into a versatile travel companion. With the addition of the FLATED air deck, his truck became a comfortable haven for restful nights under the stars. This innovative setup allowed him to camp out in scenic locations, adding an extra layer of adventure to his trip. Ken's FLATED-enhanced road trip not only provided him with the perfect blend of practicality and comfort but also enabled him to fully embrace the spontaneity and excitement of his cross-country expedition.

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